Vestorly and Fresh Finance Announce Two-way Integration Partnership

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Vestorly and Fresh Finance announce a partnership to provide the financial services industry with relevant and intelligently curated content. Through this integration, Vestorly’s award-winning Artifical Intellicence (AI) driven content curation software will significantly augment Fresh Finance’s existing library of branded and original client-centric articles and newsletters to benefit advisors and financial companies.

NEW YORK (PR WEB) OCTOBER 26,2021 Vestorly and Fresh Finance have announced an integration partnership to expand the offerings of both software platforms to provide the financial services industry with more content. The two-way integration will integrate Vestorly’s third-party content into the Fresh Finance platform and Fresh Finance’s original content into the Vestorly software. Through this integration, Vestorly’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven content curation software will significantly augment Fresh Finance’s existing library of branded original and client-centric articles and newsletters to benefit advisors and financial companies.

Both company’s software will surface FINRA compliant content providing an easy-to-access pre-approved content inventory that advisors can immediately use.

Ralph Pahlmeyer, CEO of Vestorly, explains, “We are excited to develop our relationship with Fresh Finance to offer additional state-of-the-art marketing solutions for the financial services industry. We believe our partnership will usher in a new level of advisor marketing, covering both lead generation and ongoing client engagement. The ability of our AI-driven technology to surface industry content from around the world provides a powerful addition to Fresh Finance’s leading content engagement solution.”

Vestorly’s AI-driven content management engine tracks engagement and learns the audience preferences, thereby surfacing highly relevant content. It also learns from their interests, such as hobbies, social causes, and other affinities that allow the users and their audience to bond together in a tighter and more personal relationship.

With Fresh Finance’s library of original content categories, Fresh Finance customers’ access monthly digital branded newsletters, blog articles, and social media content. Fresh Finance’s content is updated monthly to ensure a constant and fresh supply of relevant and timely content for any marketing purpose. Fresh Finance’s articles will now appear as a publisher choice inside the Vestorly portal within specific industry categories.

Teresa Leno, Founder, and CEO of Fresh Finance, explains, “Our customers expect us to be ahead of the curve with product solutions that meet the increasing demands of online communication. There is no doubt that providing the financial community with relevant content is a core component of any financial marketer’s toolbox. We are excited to offer the power of Vestorly’s powered content management engine to our content generation software. We know our customers will appreciate the increased client-centered content inside our advisor portals.”

“We’ve seen a significant uptick in requests for AI solutions that provide relevant and timely content to maintain a feeling of connection and engagement through both internal and external communications,” Pahlmeyer notes. “This is an indication that AI-powered content platforms are not just the wave of the future in content marketing, rather already in demand today.”

About Vestorly
Vestorly is a best-in-class content curation platform on the cutting edge of content marketing with a pioneering content management engine that leverages the latest advances in artificial intelligence to curate content. We’re on a mission to usher in the next generation of data-powered content engagement that allows our customers to maintain their business’s personal, human side.
The core of Vestorly is an intelligent content engine that curates content from anywhere in the world. Using AI, Vestorly’s software surfaces personalized content streams in more than 60 ready-to-use out-of-the-box or customizable categories. Vestorly’s content curation process lowers the cost of content inventory by factors of 3X or more. It reduces the friction of leveraging content for financial advisors and wealth managers through its Robo-Compliance™ system to ensure safe content streams.

For more information on Vestorly’s leading-edge AI-powered Content Management Engine, go to or reach out to

About Fresh Finance
Fresh Finance is a financial content publishing company specializing in content creation and deployment. Fresh Finance’s proprietary software simultaneously produces digital newsletters and social media posts to help position advisors as financial experts. Fresh Finance’s enterprise marketing tool creates and sends the same content while featuring each advisor’s unique branding. Fresh Finance also provides agency marketing services for FinTech’s, insurance companies, BDs, and RIAs to help increase their revenue share.

Fresh Finance is a 100% woman-owned company started in 2009 by a former financial advisor to increase client engagement through content and financial education.
For more information about Fresh Finance go to or reach out to

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