Is It Time to Update Your Content?

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A great way to continue providing fresh and relevant blog content for your readers is by refreshing your old articles. Taking the time to regularly update your content can help attract new readers and help convert these readers into customers. Your content can position you as someone they can trust when they engage with your interesting content. 

Since there isn’t an industry standard or set rule for refreshing content, determine a cadence for refreshing that works best for your goals. Consider a content refresh if you run into any of these potential issues:

Your article is underperforming. The first thing to consider when surveying old content is the article’s readership. If your article is still receiving consistent page visits, you may want to leave this one alone. If your article has fewer visits than the rest of the articles on your blog, this is a perfect time to examine and potentially revamp the article. 

Your topic is dated and no longer relevant. Writing about trending topics is one way to attract readers at the moment but these articles age quickly.Any articles that feature the year in the title should be adjusted ASAP. Even content themes that revolve around events like the start of the COVID-19 pandemic should be examined for relevancy. 

Your business goals have changed. Does your blog feature any articles that reference products or services your company no longer offers? Remove outdated content since it is no longer an accurate reflection of your business.If the article continues to perform nicely with page views, presenting a product or service you no longer offer can do more harm than good. Consider changing out the article to reflect your current offerings accurately.

You’re having a hard time creating new content. If your creative team is busy and is your primary source of blog content, now is a great time to revitalize older articles by offering a new twist or different perspective. Consistency is critical, and sprucing up older content is one way to stay regular with your posting schedule. 

Make a point to update your content regularly. Don’t let revising content intimidate you, and start by editing just one article each day!

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