8 Things to Post on Social Media

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There is no time like the present to take the plunge into creating a social media presence for your company or financial firm. A 2020 survey from Putnam Investments revealed that 89% of financial advisors who responded said they had gained new clients through social media activity. The value is obvious, but how can you get started? 

Here are eight pieces of content you can post on social media today:

  • Industry news: Posting trending information relevant to your industry is a great way to show you are engaged and an active member of the financial community. Sharing information that may impact the industry also helps your audience stay on top of changes coming their way.
  • Team member updates: Celebrating your employees is a simple way to show them you care and promotes your company culture. Post new team members, employee milestones such as work anniversaries, promotions, and personal life updates, if appropriate. 
  • Blog posts: Of course, you’ll want to include blog posts in your social media content mix. Using blog articles to promote on social media helps guide people back to where you want them: your website!
  • Company announcements/press releases: Don’t be afraid to celebrate your company’s accomplishments on social media. New partnerships, acquisitions, and executive-level team accomplishments are all worthy of social sharing. Remember to post the press releases on your website first for a higher click-through rate to your site. 
  • Podcast episodes: Our recent blog post discussed getting started with a corporate podcast in 2022; check it out here. If you haven’t created a podcast quite yet, try looking for podcasts within your industry to add to your content calendar. Promoting other people’s content is a simple way to attract new visitors and increase the chances of promoting your content in return. Plus, it’s an easy thing to post to social media!
  • Infographics: If your goal this year is to tackle a complex issue, a great way to communicate this is by using an infographic. Their eye-catching nature is a great way to attract attention and increase impressions on social media. 
  • Event news: In-person events will likely pick up again this year if they haven’t already. If you and your team will attend any trade shows this year, make sure someone snaps a picture or two for social media. Group photos allow you to tag the team members included, which helps to improve shares and overall engagement. 

Understanding the wide variety of sharable content on social media is the first step in harnessing the value social media can bring to you and your company. Reach out to us or keep an eye on our blog for more tips to jump-start your content marketing approach.

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